Public Relations

Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis

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The folks from Gallup are out with the news that is probably not a surprise to anyone:  employee engagement is stalled around the world.  It is better in the US, but even here it is only 32%. How can this be?  We have all these tools, right?  There’s email and streaming video and highly-designed intranets and we can use online tools to measure out the ying-yang…how can this have gone wrong? The article from Gallup does a good job of … Read More

The New Media Gatekeepers

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How gatekeepers are changing the practice of PR. One of the things we were promised when the Internet started to take over the news was that we were going to remove the middle men…the intermediaries, the gatekeepers, the people who choose what we are going to see. You were also promised there would be cake, right? No, gatekeepers are still out there.  Their overall influence might have waned–a person can self-curate a news experience for himself or herself, which would … Read More

PR That Goes Inside-Out


(No, this is not an article about Pixar). As a public relations agency, we have been telling clients for years that good communications go from the inside-out and not the other way around.  The logic is pretty simple.  If you are a hospital and you have not been able to convince the night nurse on the 4th floor that you are on the right track, what are the odds you can convince a member of the public?  And what if … Read More

New Visual Display of Quantitative Information


In PR, one of our biggest challenges is helping laypeople understand complicated subjects.  Whether it is the science behind plant emissions, a complex financial issue or, really, any kind of communications related to change, helping people understand scientific, technical and mathematical concepts is among the toughest jobs we have.  Early on, a big hero was Edward Tufte, whose classic book The Visual Display of Quantitative Information created a cult following devoted to the importance of design, graphics, and integrity in creating understanding … Read More

The best kept secret in PR content?


Anyone who works in the PR business or at a PR agency today knows that content is the hottest term in the business.  We used to talk about writing copy or making videos–now we “create content.” The hottest thing in content creation has been video.  Increasingly easy methods of production and distribution have allowed us to put the power and dynamism of video to work more and more. Inside every story is another story, and that has been the emergence of audio … Read More