Call center, concierge service, fulfillment operation … what VIS Alliance does comes under all kinds of categories. The category our clients like best is Saving Money.

VIS Alliance is an innovative logistics/communications business providing customer service support from project management to on-site staffing and administrative services.

What started in 1999 as a clearinghouse for world-class photographic talent and printing services is now VIS. We’re still a call center for premier digital fulfillment services. But through the years we’ve mastered the processes and systems that constitute the fast track for total customer satisfaction in virtually any industry. Now we offer those same economies and superior results to you.

Simply put, why spend your money on staffing and equipment when you can use ours for wa-a-ay less? We already have highly skilled people ready to hit the ground running. We already have the systems, optimized for exactly the services you need. And we know how to handle the whole operation – start-up, set-up, accounting, reporting at whatever intervals you need, and follow-up at completion (when it applies) in the format you choose.

The best part? Single-source accountability from start to finish.

So, let us help. Then take a big chunk of that money you expected to spend on hiring, payroll, training, health care coverage, et al, and figure out a better use for it.