3 Social Media Releases We're Thankful For In 2016

2016 has been a great year for social media and the ever evolving platforms and tools that we use.  As Thanksgiving approaches, we’re looking back at some of the biggest updates and social media releases that we’re thankful for and that have helped move our brand and clients forward.

2016 Social Media Releases

No. 1 Social Media Release: Instagram Stories

The launch of Instagram Stories has forever changed brands and the way they interact with the platform. Based off of the idea of Snapchat Stories, Instagram took that idea, integrated into their current platform and made it more user-friendly.  Brands instantly jumped on board using Instagram Stories for all kinds of promotions. From new product reveals to special sale discount codes and behind the scenes content, followers now have access to the inner workings and raw content from brands with this social media release. One thing we wish for: better analytics to track how well the stories perform!

No. 2 Social Media Release: Facebook Live

Here at Thread, we're big fans of Facebook Live. This 2016 social media release was a game changer. Live-streaming is the latest fad in social media. It started out with third-party apps Meerkat and Periscope (owned by Twitter) but now Facebook’s new in-app live-stream feature is unbeatable. Your Facebook fans can now experience what your brand is doing and see it as it happens. Facebook Live is great for brand events, trade shows, product launches, behind the scenes looks, sneak peeks, and exclusive interviews.

No. 3 Social Media Release: Twitter Character Count Update

I think we speak for all social media professionals when we say we are thankful for the Twitter character count update. Now, your media (images, videos, etc.) are not a part of your 140 character count limit. Can we all give a collective hallelujah! Brands now have 23 more characters to tell their story in a 140 character tweet. This social media release was a major benefit for brands that now have a few more characters to play with to fill out sentences and get a complete brand message across Twitter.

Tell us on the Thread Facebook page which 2016 social media update you are thankful for this year! Our Thread family wishes you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Jana Ballard

Written by Jana Ballard

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