The Top 3 Lead Generation Challenges and How to Solve Them

Lead generation is at the heart of most marketing teams’ goals. And it’s a challenge for nearly everyone. We regularly assist our clients with building effective lead generation strategies, and we regularly hear the same challenges presented.

Here are the top three lead gen challenges we see and suggestions on how to solve them.

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6 Steps to Choose the Best Marketing Agency for You

A strategic partnership with a marketing agency can be a great investment, but evaluating and selecting the best marketing agency for your specific organization and its goals is a challenge many marketing and sales leaders face.

With so many marketing agencies out there, in order to find the one that’s best for you, you’ll need to know exactly what you’re looking for and how to find it.

Below are six steps to help you evaluate and select the best marketing agency for you.

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The Top 5 Marketing Conferences in the Midwest this Summer

The Midwest is full of world-class marketing events this summer. With warmer weather finally here, it’s a great time to feel refreshed, get inspired and expand your marketing knowledge at some upcoming can’t-miss marketing conferences.

Below are Thread’s picks for the top five marketing conferences in the Midwest this summer.

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Content Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Content marketing and inbound marketing are modern approaches to marketing that are often confused, even by experienced marketers.

It’s easy to see why confusion might arise between the two. Both content marketing and inbound marketing are both:

  • Strategic approaches to marketing
  • Targeted to a specifically defined audience
  • Executed according to a content marketing strategy
  • Designed to provide helpful, unique and relevant content to the user

Despite the similarities, there are important distinctions as well. Understanding the differences between content marketing and inbound marketing is important when making decisions about what is best for your brand.

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The Top 4 Reasons To Use Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software is a category of powerful technology that enables organizations to increase efficiency and get better results from their marketing departments in order to fuel revenue growth.

Many organizations today are familiar with the existence of marketing automation software; however, many marketers don’t have a great handle on how to best leverage marketing automation within their specific business.

The potential advantages of marketing automation are tremendous. Here are four of the top-cited reasons to start using marketing automation software in your organization.

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Thread Earns National Honors with Four Healthcare Advertising Awards

Thread Marketing Group has earned multiple honors for their outstanding work in healthcare marketing.

The 35th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards presented the Toledo agency with four (4) Healthcare Advertising Awards (Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit) across multiple categories for their work with both St. Luke’s Hospital and The Toledo Clinic.

The Healthcare Advertising Awards is the oldest, largest and most widely respected healthcare marketing awards competition. The annual awards are sponsored by Healthcare Marketing Report, the leading publication covering all aspects of healthcare marketing, advertising and strategic business development.

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5 Essential Elements of a Basic Marketing Tech Stack

Plus 5 Free Tools to Get You Started

A marketing technology (or “martech”) stack is no longer optional for mid-sized companies. In fact, for most companies, it’s not a matter of choosing if it’s a good idea to use technology to market your brand. Instead, it’s a matter of choosing which pieces of marketing technology to incorporate in order to get you the best lead generation and business results.

The marketing technology landscape is complicated, period. From ecommerce tools to A/B testing to social media to live chat to heat mapping to ABM software, martech solutions exist today for nearly every facet of marketing that you can imagine.

So, let’s start with the basics and simplify the landscape a bit. Below are five essential elements that make up a basic marketing tech stack, plus five free tools to help you get started leveraging technology for better marketing results.

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7 Secrets to Transform Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine

If you want to generate more leads from your marketing and sales efforts, your website is the perfect place to start. A website is a brand’s most valuable sales and marketing asset, yet so few marketers truly leverage its lead generation potential.

Many marketers find themselves overwhelmed and unsure where to start. The good news is that transforming your website into a lead generation powerhouse usually doesn’t require a total overhaul or rebuild, which can drain substantial time and resources. Rather, most websites really only need a series of strategic tweaks in order to successfully transition from a stale online brochure to a repeatable and scalable lead generation machine.

Here are seven secrets to get started transforming your website into a lead generation machine.

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Thread Marketing Group Honored as 2018 Best Advertising Agency in Toledo

Thread Marketing Group recently earned honors as a 2018 best-in-class advertising agency in Toledo by Three Best Rated®, an independent, third-party review organization whose mission is to connect consumers with the top three local businesses, professionals, restaurants and health care providers in any city.

“We are thrilled to have been recognized as a marketing and advertising leader in the Toledo area,” said Judy McFarland, CEO of Thread Marketing Group. “We work in an extremely competitive industry, so to be recognized as the best-in-class amid a group of premiere agencies is an incredible distinction and a tribute to our outstanding staff.”

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10 Blogging Best Practices That Improve B2B Lead Generation

If you’re a marketer looking to improve lead generation, adding a blog to your website is one of the best investments you can make.

But blogging only produces lead generation results when it’s planned and executed properly. Here are ten blogging best practices sure to improve lead generation for B2B companies.

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