Carousel Ads - Making Instagram More Engaging

Do you ever get tired of only being able to swipe up and down in your Instagram feed? That has now changed since Instagram has recently launched their newest version of sponsored advertisements called Carousel Ads. This new ad format allows users to swipe left and click on an interactive "Learn More" button. The button links to a different page of the brand's choice so that the user is able to find more information.

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Currently, Instagram carousel ads have limited availability for advertisers. Brands that have used Carousel Ads so far are Old Navy, Banana Republic, Tiffany & Co., Samsung and Showtime. The first automotive brand slated to use Carousel Ads is GMC.

Clothing retailers, specifically Old Navy use Carousel Ads to tell stories about their different collections and showcase looks in a real life setting. Banana Republic's carousel ads are a mobile version of a magazine spread with images of an online fashion influencer wearing Banana Republic clothing. Showtime will use this ad format a little bit differently. The movie network is aiming to highlight different characters in particular shows it's promoting.

Instagram carousel ads make it easier for brands to tell a sequenced and compelling story via beautiful images.

From a user's perspective, you will not be bombarded with these advertisements. Instagram is releasing them on a limited basis so as not to flood the user's stream. Ever since Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, Instagram has taken a small boutique approach to advertising. This latest installment of sponsored ads has followed suit.

Have you seen Carousel Ads in your Instagram feed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Jana Ballard

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