Our Process

Start to finish, we’re all about a process that yields results.

Powerful planning focuses on gaining honest, revealing input from your most important stakeholders and using that input to produce original insights and actionable plans. Incredibly straightforward and completely customizable, our 3-step process combines industry best practices and common sense to produce an approach that is both illuminating and constructive.

1. Conversation

Building specific knowledge regarding a business or communications challenge is our first step in crafting successful recommendations. These conversations can take many forms, from formal quantitative outreach, to intimate one-on-one conversations. What’s most important is hearing from those who either directly or indirectly influence the market and your business. Through collaboration we define who we want to hear from and which channel provides the best means to listen, learn and better understand how we can address customer, organizational and market challenges.

2. Implementation

Clear understanding allows us to develop our strategic plans with confidence. Turning in-depth conversation and research into actionable plans and compelling tactics is the absolute purpose of the implementation phase of our marketing planning process. From brand communications, public relations, social and digital marketing planning, to actual creative and tactical development, this is where ideas are realized … and connected to the strongest measurement protocols available.

3. Evaluation

At Thread, we believe measurement moves marketing from an intuitive expense to a meaningful business investment. We highly value and recommend establishing strong criteria for all marketing initiatives, from brand-building and advocacy programs to lead development and promotional efforts. We work with every client to establish, review and integrate measurement findings into every engagement, from comprehensive strategic campaigns to individual program elements. Employing these insights to adjust our ongoing efforts is critical to program enhancement and delivery of optimal success.

Refine and repeat!