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If you're not using an integrated marketing strategy, then you might want to rethink your approach.  Executing an integrated marketing campaign is really all about identifying the channels that work best for your company or organization and leveraging them to make the most impact.  But to ensure success, it's important to understand and expand upon past success.  Gathering critical information and marketing intelligence is an important part of any integrated marketing strategy.  Understanding and using the right analytics to track and measure success is not only important for the success of a current campaign but for future campaigns as well.

11703.1-IMC_banner1-600x187-1In a previous post, "Integrated Marketing Doesn't Have To Be Complicated" the first recommended step in building an integrated marketing campaign is defining your campaign goals.  Knowing the desired goals allows you to identify the right analytics to track and measure.  With proper analytics and attribution methods in place you can understand the drivers of conversions and/or results.

Good, solid marketing metrics not only improve current campaigns in real-time, but give you knowledge needed to improve performance over time.

At Thread, we utilized an integrated marketing campaign for Toledo Jeep Fest 2019 and tracked everything.  We’ve compiled the results from Toledo Jeep Fest 2019 and wanted to share the Highlights & Results. (You can download via the button below!)


Through collaboration with our many partners, we've been able to build a warehouse of data.  Collected over the last three events in 2016, 2018 and 2019, this rich information has helped power this event to double-digit growth in many key areas.  We continue to analyze information and can't wait to see what happens with Toledo Jeep Fest 2020, just announced for the weekend of August 7-9, 2020.  Stay tuned as we share information and more details on our approach over the coming year.